lil_cheeks's Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) review

Why settle when you can Reach

 There is something about the Halo franchise that gets me excited.  I like the characters, the story, and environments and the weapons.  I have played the Halo series since Combat Evolved and was very exicted when I heard Reach was coming out.  Now that I have finished the campaign I feel like I can give a full, fair review. 

The Story - I will not reveal any of the story to prevent any spoiling but I will say that the story in Reach got me more involved emotionally then any other Halo game.  I am not sure if it was the squad gameplay, or the fact that I already know Reach is falling apart fast, but I was much more involved with the story then I have in most games. 

Graphics - The graphics in Reach are great.  They are not the best I have ever seen but for a Halo game I think they are the best yet.  The evniornments are done perfectly and look awsome.  The characters faces in cutscenes is where they could have spent more time.  The weapons and enemies also had a huge upgrade since previous Halo games and look great.

Multiplayer - This is what most people buy the game for and they will not be disapointed.  The multiplayer in Reach is basically everything Bungie learned over the course of the franchise and made is all perfect.  The matchmaking is great, the firefight is great and the amount of customization is crazy.  You can change every little aspect of the game making it a unique experiance each time.  Everything you had played and liked in the past with multiplayer is back with more options.

Credits - This is actually an area that I never thought about but think is a great addition.  As you play through multiplayer or campaign you earn credits based on things you do.  When  you beat a level, kill a certain amount of enemie, etc you will be rewarded with credits.  These credits are used to "pimp out" your soldure.  Although everything is cosmetic, it gives the game a whole other set of challenges and be rewarded for doing so.  There are also daily and weekly challenges from Bungie that you get pionts for.  Yesterday I got 500 credits for kill 50 enemies with a presicion weapon.  That was a challenge Bungie had setup for that day.  So each day/week Bungie has challanges that you can do for campaign and mulitplayer that will reward you credits.  This is a fun addition that offers something different if you need a break from "reugular" Halo action.

Overall - The game is great.  The game is actually way more then I had expected from the last Halo game.  Bungie really wanted to go out with a bang and they did.  If you have even a minor interest in Halo, this game will not disapoint.    


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