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The best Halo ever, and yes, playing on Heroic IS the way to play.  Legendary is just stupid hard, like taking a bumpy bus ride wearing underwear full of drawing pins - some might like it but most will find it uncomfortable to say the least.   
Only on the very last level did I find Reach start to get a bit samey (What, another wave of even tougher covenant?) but the graphics, story, cut-scenes and panache mark this out as the the definitive HALO.  I just wish my 5.1 sound system didn't drown out some of the dialog :( 
It made me reminisce enough to fork out 1200 points on HaloCE;  It's all there too in the original, but not enough to get me to play it to the end for the umpteenth time; like a drunken kiss with an ex girlfriend at a party, it was fun, but not as good as my latest squeeze, REACH.
Thanks Bungie. It's been fun W 
What will 343 do? Maybe find those lost Spartans that Mendez went off to train?


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