majorbrusselsxi's Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) review

You've gotta Reach for Noble team

Halo Reach is a highly anticipated game. Most people have Halo 3, some have Halo3 ODST, but you simply have to have this one. 
Single-Player: Campaigns in Halo games have always been known to have great missions and great cutscenes and the like. Halo Reach is no different. Your Noble Six, the latest addition to Noble Team. You see yourself joining the team and you start off in a Falcon and fly somewhere with wind turbines. That leads you into the first mission. In other Halo's you haven't really had team mates. Sure you had Arbiter, but what did he do? In Reach your squad communicate with each other and can actually kill the enemies themselves. Overall the campaign is very impressive. There are 10 missions, all of them are very lengthy. There's a night time mission where you might be sniping, there's another mission where your all-out-attack. It has variety, which is what every good single player campaign needs. Another neat addition is that in the cutscenes your soldier will actually look different depending on what your wearing. For example, if you made your soldiers armour green, it would be green in the cutscenes. You changed it to blue, it would believe it or not, be blue in the cutscenes. 
Multi-Player: Is hugely addictive. In the past Halo games I have never really got into the online and I (don't hate me) found it kind of boring. But in Reach, there's just something great about it. If you liked Halo 3 online, you are going to love this. Personally my favourite mode is a mode called 'SWAT' where if you shoot someone with a head shot they immediately die. It's all about head shots. You have infinite ammo on your scoped weapon as well which is always handy. 
Presentation: Well, where do I start? This really looks like Bungie have just picked up Halo 3, chucked it in the bin alongside some greasy McD's wrappers and said: "Right, let's start again". And all for the better I would say. The game looks stunning. There is one cutscene where the sun is low and the silhouettes of Noble Team are just mind blowing. It's not bad in the gameplay either. One of the best looking games around on the XBOX 360.  

Verdict: You have to get this game. Whether you've played every Halo game or none of them. Reach is a must buy for any-one. A thrilling single-player campaign, couple that with hugely addictive multi-player, beautiful looking cutscenes and there's your game. Halo Reach. Wow. 
The good:  
+ Cutscenes and storyline is intense 
+ Awesome on-line, especially when you go on a 'killing spree' 
+ It's Halo 
+ The best way possible to end the series. 
The bad  
- PS3 duds don't know what they are missing out on 
Single Player - 4/5 
Multi Player - 5/5 
Presentation - 5/5 
Overall - 5/5
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