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Look at me mom! Its Halo topdown!

So this game is smooth. From the crazy good looking cut-scenes, to the exciting score and yes, even the controls are smooth.

Ive never been a big fan of the Halo franchise. Though i have played the games and experienced big humiliations online, the game just never appealed that much to me. On top of that, my RTS skills are somewhat lacking, so my expectations were not THAT high.

But Ensemble Studios have actually made a game thats appealing - even to people like myself. I was really surprised by the non existent micro management which is great. I want a game that i can just pick up and play when i got an hour or so to burn. The controls are easy and you wont get lost in all sorts of control combos, when you want something done.

The story is interesting, though a bit short. But the hours you will get out of the single player, are well spend and i personally couldnt wait to see what happened next.

So if you want to get an RTS that wont scare you with its harvesting and basebuilding, and on top of that delivers a thrillingly exciting story line, this is definetly a must buy.


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