Fifteen questions for the Halo fanboys

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Has any Halo fanboy done or fit into the description any of the following?

  1. Played more than three decent PC first-person shooters before Halo?
  2. Played any decent console first-person shooters before Halo?
  3. Have good and artistic taste in video games?
  4. Contain high standards for video game quality?
  5. Fan of obscure, overlooked gems?
  6. Fan of Valve's games?
  7. Not easily succumb by marketed hype?
  8. Played a lot of LucasArts adventure games?
  9. A fan of the first Deus Ex or System Shock 2?
  10. Played any of Bungie's past games? (Back then when they actually made GOOD games)
  11. Not a fratboy or a twelve year-old?
  12. Play a lot of indie video games?
  13. Played the Ultima series?
  14. A fan of BioWare games?
  15. Read books other than the godawful Halo novels?

I know for a fact that there is not one Halo fanboy who fit into any of these descriptions. The majority of the gaming community on internet forums are not Halo fans, because people on the internet have taste than people in real-life. Smart users on like RsistencE, Ignor, and SeriouslyNow would agree with me.

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You are making a fool of yourself my friend.

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@jukezypoo said:
" *Sigh* "
@EvilTwin said:
" You are making a fool of yourself my friend. "
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You're kind of an idiot.

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The forums are not here for you to impugn on other people based on their preferences or likes. Insulting any group of gamers/users on this site is considered flaming as defined in the Forum Rules and is not permitted in any way shape or form.


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