Which 360 Halo is the best?

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#51 Posted by believer258 (13225 posts) -

@Gargantuan said:

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@believer258: Maybe it was just my experiences.

Nearly every game I was in I had something like this: Kids wailing mindlessly into their mics while humping everything in sight. I fucking hate hearing their squeaky voices and I really fucking hate hearing them mindlessly wailing/rapping while t-bagging everything they come across. They act in completely assinine fashions, doing things that defy common sense and logic. They team kill because they're too fucking idiotic to look at their radar, they don't watch their backs so you end up getting shot from behind when there were fucking 2+ people behind you. Even when you check behind you, you still have to check in front of you too, can't be doing both.

Oh, I nearly forgot-

Guy #1 :"Hey bro, you hook up wit dat gurl?"

Guy #2: "Yeah dood she's totally hawt"

Guy #1:"You gonna fuck her man?"

Guy#: "Yeah imma tap dat ass hurr"

Oh then there's the ever present "This gaem r srs bro" people telling you that you suck because you don't play the fucking game as much as they do.

Sorry, some of us are in college and have other responsibilities.

Muting them would help, yeah, but who wants to mute people all the time. Gets annoying.

Maybe I just have low tolerance.

This is why I rarely play games online.

this only happens in halo

That has never happened to me. Sure I've encountered some assholes in Halo but nothing major. It might be because I'm European. I think I encountered more bullshit in the 20 hours I've played Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the PC than in the 220+ hours of Reach and Halo 3 multiplayer I've played

Nope. The kiddies have mostly gone to the modern warfare setting because that's the cool thing to do. Sure, some are still on Halo, but not as often, and most of them suck.

#52 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Halo 3

#53 Posted by UnrealDP (1258 posts) -

I guess reach, but I've got some nostalgia for 3, so how about.... er.... Reach!

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@believer258: That wouldn't make much sense, if he was being sarcastic, seeing as I didn't narrow it down to just Halo, which is why I added, "This is why I rarely play games online."

Red Dead Redemption has little kiddies too and they are even more annoying than the ones on Halo.

#55 Posted by StingingVelvet (594 posts) -

@BirdkeeperDan said:

The story/campaign in Halo 3 was much more interesting as it was the conclusion to a Trilogy. Halo Reach had much improved core gameplay and many more features & game modes.

I would recommend playing both. I would try to borrow Halo 3 off someone for quick playthrough and buy Halo Reach.

I'm going to play all three, I'm just trying to decide which to play first. It might be a while before I get to whatever comes second.

#56 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

Reach was just simply awesome.

#57 Posted by brink87 (41 posts) -

I only played Halo 3 off that list. I enjoyed Halo 3 as much as I did the first both campaign and online, (online was a blast.) A friend who has similar taste to mine said he liked Reach better than ODST.

#58 Posted by MEATBALL (4111 posts) -

For me it goes Reach, ODST then Halo 3. Reach felt as close to the perfect Halo campaign Bungie ever got and it was a pretty incredible all-around package - I really loved the additions they made to multiplayer. I really enjoyed the way ODST did some pretty different things for the franchise, between the ensemble cast and jumping between perspectives and the open-world hub, the weaker feel of the ODST was also a nice change after Halo 3. I'm not overly fond of Halo 3, to be honest, it's a good Halo game but I don't have any real reverence for it, I probably prefer Halo 2 if only for its multiplayer.

Reach would have to be my favourite entry into the series.

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Reach, by a long shot. I hated 3 and ODST. I loved Reach.

#60 Posted by Svenzon (834 posts) -

Reach was the best one gameplay-wise. Still felt like Halo while giving it a few more modern touches. Looks really good too.

I do have a soft spot for ODST, though. Large parts of that game just oozed atmosphere and the noir-esque soundtrack was a cool change of pace.

#61 Posted by csl316 (11590 posts) -

I'd say Reach, with 3 and Anniversary at a close second.

#62 Posted by supermonkey122 (1069 posts) -

Halo 3

#63 Edited by kidman (514 posts) -

ODST. I thought I would be the only one voting for that. Reach was my least favorite.

Don't know about multiplayer, cause I generally don't play it.

#64 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

I'd get Reach at this point, it has the most populated, fully featured multiplayer out of those choices, plus a prequel is as good of a starting point as any. Better than the end of a trilogy, or weird spin-off anyway.

#65 Posted by Mustachio (263 posts) -

Halo Reach was of the best quality in my opinion, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I put thousands of hours into Halo 3. I think that was more to to with everyone I knew playing it at the same time, though.

#66 Posted by T_Diamond (19 posts) -

Well if you're going for a multiplayer experience you'll have to go with either Halo 3 or Halo Reach. ODST and CE A only have Co-op play.

Community wise, Halo Reach has a lot bigger following than Halo 3. Those who play Halo 3 now are either: really in love with the game but even their numbers are starting grow thin (I think the number one player on the fan made leaderboard left a little while ago), just got the game (are generally new to either consoles, FPS, or Halo), or people who play it every once in a while because they still like the multiplayer. There's always enough people to find games (at least when I play) just don't expect a huge community.

Now I've been playing Halo since back in the early years of 2000's and IMO, Halo Reach is a much different game than all the other Halos. For those who would like to argue against this, yes each Halo changed or "evolved" every game, but Halo reach was the only game, at least for me, to feel that this was a new gameplay experience. Halo Reach's armor abilities, perk like classes, and either an increase in power or a lack of shield/armor strength (honestly I don't know which they changed but there's certainly a difference since Halo 3) add up to enough changes to make Reach a really different experience compared to other Halo games.

Honestly though, you probably won't like Halo. As much as I like Halo (which borderlines fan boy sometimes) it's not the greatest thing ever. It's even a worse experience for those who play PC because the aspect that made it so great won't even phase you that much. (That aspect is that it's a FPS that has a great control scheme and works really well on a console).

If you really want to give the console experience a try, I guess Halo is a good place to start. Halo 3 campaign is one of the worst if not thee campaigns but has a solid multiplayer experience IMO (don't expect to find too many dedicated players though). Reach also has a really weak campaign, and a mulitplayer experience that IMO isn't as solid as Halo 3, although it's still fun. ODST is considered one of the best campaigns (although you may have a slightly hard time knowing what's going on if you've never seen a Halo) so if you're looking for single player that might be a good place.

#67 Posted by Deranged (1954 posts) -

In general, Halo 2 was and always will be the best Halo game.

Current gen: Halo 3.

#68 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

Can't go wrong with either Halo 3 or Reach, but I'm thinking only hardcore players play Halo 3 now a days. ODST was the worst.

#69 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1244 posts) -

Loved Halo 3 but Reach is an all around better game.

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@StingingVelvet said:

I'm a PC gamer getting a 360 for the first time. I want to play a modern Halo game but for money reasons can't get them all at once. Which is the best GAME of the three?


dude halo 3 and odst together are under 20 dollars and reach is 40 new so for the price of 1 game you can get all 3

#71 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Reach has better multyplayer, Halo 3 has better campaign.

#72 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

Oh yeah, forgot about that anniversary edition. Best campaign + multiplayer everyone is playing.

#73 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -

I enjoyed Reach the most in multiplayer and I enjoyed Halo 3 the most as a co-op campaign

#74 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

I'd say 3 has the best story and good multiplayer. Reach has an okay story and the best multiplayer and ODST has a terrible story but a good atmosphere. If you're not going to play online then 3, Reach then ODST. If you are going to play online then Reach then 3 then ODST.

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I liked Reach best followed by Halo 2. The thing about Reach is that it's its own contained story. You can play it without having to worry about all the Forerunner/Flood backstories. Reach also has a lot of variety in its settings. I don't play online, so I can't comment on the good or bad of that.

#76 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

Err..why not get the first one with the 10 year edition? 

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