Your favorite and least favorite Halo campaign?

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Before Halo 4 comes out I want to know what is the GB community's favorite and least favorite campaign in the series?

I'll start by saying mine is Halo CE. There is a reason they remade because its a classic that still holds up. This game gets everything right from the mission structure, AI, set pieces, combat, pacing, atmosphere, music, story, etc. The only bad that can be said about this game is the level design which is very repetitive. Its also my favorite because its the only game in the series that strike me with a sense of wonder and mystery when you get out of the escape pod to investigate the ringworld Halo.

My least favorite is Halo Reach. It just didn't click with me as the other Halos have and there was just nothing memorable about it. The missions were dull and the levels were lifeless. There were no memorable moments to speak of, with the only exceptions being the beginning of The Long Night of Solace and the space combat which I have to admit was well done. It tried to have an emotional story but it fell flat on its face because the characters were one dimensional stereotypes. The soundtrack was excellent as its usually is as well as the enemy AI, it even had a clever ending. Aside from that it arguably had the worst made campaign in the Halo series.

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Favorite: Halo 3

Least Favorite: Halo ODST

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We actually share the same top an bottom. I'll also say that I really liked ODST though, it's pretty close Halo: Anniversary as my favorite Halo game.

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@TooWalrus said:

We actually share the same top an bottom. I'll also say that I really liked ODST though, it's pretty close Halo: Anniversary as my favorite Halo game.

Fuck AngryJoe! Halo 3 ODST IS underrated.

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Love, love, love ODST.

Combat Evolved might be my favorite for nostalgia's sake. Who knows.

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Least favourite is definitely the original, couldn't stand the rather literal copy+paste approach to level design, especially when they would then a bit later revisit it with slightly different lighting. Not sure what i'd call my favourite, perhaps 3.

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My favorite was probably Reach, which from a story perspective was pretty dang eventful (and memorable). My least favorite was 3, playing through it just wasnt fun for me

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ODST was my favourite. Reach was probably my least favourite

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Favourite: Halo 2

Least: Halo 1

EDIT: Wait, I forgot about the stupid bits with the flood in Halo 2 where you pretty much had to sneak past them while invisible. Halo 3, but it's not exactly something that I would recommend all that strongly. Multiplayer is worlds better.

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Favorite is Halo 1 and my least favorite is ODST.

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Favorite Halo 1

Worst Halo 3

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Favorite: Halo: Reach

Worst: Halo 2

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Combat evolved as favourite.

Least is probably Halo 3, brutes were just too dull as enemies.

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My favourite is probably Halo 3, but Reach comes close.

ODST is my least favourite, it had some neat ideas, but it fell flat and I remember the story being poor in the end.

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Favorite: Halo 2

Least Favorite: ODST and Reach

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Favorite: Halo 1

Least favorite: Halo 2

Full ranked list:

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Reach

Halo 3

Halo: ODST

Halo 2

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From favorite to least:

  1. Halo 2
  2. Halo: CE
  3. Halo 3
  4. Halo Reach
  5. Halo ODST

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