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In some continuities, including the original Mirage comics, films, and the 2003 cartoon series (and games based on said cartoon), Hamato Yoshi was a ninja master who had a rat named Splinter as a pet. Splinter learned ninjutsu by mimicking Yoshi's actions, which he later taught to four turtles after the five of them had mutated. Yoshi is killed by Oroku Saki in these canons, and Splinter is often concerned with the vengeance/honor restoration of his master.

Other series such as the 1987 and 2012 TV series, Hamato Yoshi is mutated into Splinter, and as such is directly still involved in the turtles' lives. He is still a rival of Shredder in all versions.

In Video Games

Hamato Yoshi, outside of the instances in which he appears in his Splinter mutation, rarely makes appearances in the series. In the original TMNT console game, Splinter is demutated back into Yoshi in the game's ending. Yoshi also appears as a bonus boss in the first 2003-based TMNT game, and is unlockable after beating him.

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