Anyone who lives in Perth, Western Australia, check out Novembar

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A friend of mine told me about this place the other week, so another mate and I went up there (we live a bit down south) to try it out. My lord, these are good burgers. We both had the triple cheeseburger. I can't find a photo of it, but it was a dense, GOOD burger. Three 170g patties, according to the very awesome owner.  
We went again this past weekend, and the owner had a new game that my friend tried out.. Roll a big dice, and you have to order what comes up. If you finish within the time limit specified, you get 20% off.  My friend rolled up a burger called the FatBoy. 

 He could not finish it.
 He could not finish it.
They also have what is apparently the worlds tallest burger, the 7Bs:  

 World's Tallest?
 World's Tallest?

 And if you feel brave they have a chili burger that has a sauce that uses the Bhut Jolokia, the worlds hottest chili. 
Then there's their even MORE ridiculous burgers. $1000 for a 101 patty burger. $3000 for a burger with 20x 4kg patties. 
I highly recommend the Triple Cheese, it's big, filling but not overly so. Anyone know of other places like this around the world?
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 Who the FUCK would pay $3000 for a 20x 4kg patty burger? Even that 7 patty one looks disgusting, it probably has about 15,000 calories in it. Also, that post reads like an ad, just saying.
I could really go for a burger right now though...

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Yeah, reading it back it does really sound like an ad. :\ I didn't intend it that way, just trying to spread the love of a good burger joint. From what I understand, their big burgers are more designed for catering type situations. Was chatting to the owner when I was in there last, asking about those obscenely expensive ones. He said it was basically meant to be a joke. He wanted to have a burger that no one would possibly order, so he had that $1000 one. Then 20 guys came in and all put down $50 for it, so he created an even more expensive, more ridiculous burger.

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Woah, what in the hell? I've lived here for YEARS and never heard of this place. Whereabouts is it?
Also Jus Burgers in Subiaco make a mean burger.

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@goatmilk:  The address is 4 Bayley Street, in Dianella. Really small little shop, sandwiched (pun not intended) between a deli and hairdressers I think. I think it's only really been around for a year or so maybe, not very long anyway. Gotta try out Jus sometime, I keep hearing them mentioned too. Alfred's is the other one I hear brought up a lot.
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Thanks for that Vamino! I'm definitely going to check this place out, video camera in hand. :D
I'm gonna try convince the powers who be at work to do our Friday lunch here sometime too.

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