Best Hamburgers EVAR!!!!!1!!!

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I was watching the Question of the Week and they mentioned the best burger shack ever, All American Burgers.  Being a local long islander, I can confirm its awesomeness.  Waiting 30 minutes to obtain food from this establishment is worth it.  My Sister brought her friends to eat there and they confirmed that it is the best hamburgers they ever had.


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Everybody knows that Mama's Welfare Burger with green peppers on Wonderbread is the best burger ever. It's better than McDonalds 'cos Mama says it is.

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I had a pretty good burger today. It was a small place here in good old Tallahassee, Florida.

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Licks makes a sick burger. I also tried A&W for the first time not too long ago, and I thought it was pretty good for fast-food.

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Monster Thick Burger from Hardee's

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I thought this was going to be a thread about Five Guy's Famous Burgers and Fries.  
Fleet's Landing in Charleston, South Carolina makes an amazing cheeseburger. 3 cheeses, bacon, and a patty stuffed with pimento cheese. MMmm Mmmm good. Like an orgasm for the mouth.

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This should be a thread about 5 Guys burgers and fries.

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@The_Dude:  Yo Jeff, how good is 5 guys? One opened by my house a few months ago and I haven't given it a shot yet.
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@mikeeegeee said:
" @The_Dude:  Yo Jeff, how good is 5 guys? One opened by my house a few months ago and I haven't given it a shot yet. "
Man, you don't know what your missing, You need to get there soon.
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My favorite place to get a burger is a local place called Tymes Grill. 

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I was hoping to bring news of five guys to this thread. 
I was beaten to it.
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I just tried Five Guys last week. 
Five Guys is really damn good. Messy, but delicious.
And this is coming from a guy who loves In N Out.

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Kuma's Corner, best burgers in Chicago.

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I tried Tommy's burgers in California, those were pretty good. But My fav is still Hero Burger. Dont know if that exists outside of canada...

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In the UK Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burgers are probably the best you can get. Christ they are delicious....

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