Boiling a burger

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Was at a local festival today and discovered something I must try when I make my own burgers next time. I ate at a chilean stall who made amongst other things, burgers. And I noticed they boiled the patties before grilling them. It was one of the tastiest fricken burgers I've ever eaten and there was a real nice taste and juiciness from it being boiled.

I'm definitely trying this and wanted to share this, at least to me, ludicrous concept of boiling your burgers.

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@Vodun said:

ludicrous concept of boiling your burgers.

I'm curious to hear how this turns out. I've never seen a burger boiled before. Sounds pretty odd to be honest, although I'm sure there was some reason behind it.

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#3 Posted by ThePaleKing (613 posts) -

Wouldn't the patty fall apart during the boiling? 

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@ThePaleKing: It seems not, considering how it tasted it also seemed to keep the juices in better than a straight fry/grill as well.

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I shall have your head, sir! For suggesting such a dishonorable preparation of the holy hamburger!

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hmm, I don't see how you stop the water leeching out all the taste of the meat.  Maybe they just added a ton of MSG to the water and that is why you are so high on it :D

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Ughh, just not a good idea. Boiling a burger a certain way may keep it "moist", but the juiciness is going to come the from water, not the meat itself. There is also a high chance the burger will get overcooked, or just fall apart in the water. The reason pan frying, grilling, etc is a time tested method is because you are either preserving flavor, or creating it, by either cooking it in its own juices, or adding smokiness from the grill. And obviously you are utilizing the Maillard reaction in the process (browning). I'm glad to hear they at least sear it off after boiling instead of just serving it right out of of the water. But chances are they don't dry off the meat before searing it, meaning a longer browning time, which also means a dryer burger.

I remember I tried a steamed burger once, since it was a popular specialty at this diner nearby. Dry, overcooked, and no flavor.

But whatever man, do what you please.

Oh, if you want a related pop culture quote, listen to Chef's rant in Apocalypse Now regarding Navy prime rib.

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#8 Posted by Vexxan (4633 posts) -

Boiling a hamburger sounds so wrong.

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#9 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6117 posts) -

Boiled burgers? What's next, mashed potatoes?

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