Chicken Burgers

#1 Posted by MikPick (333 posts) -

Anyone else prefer Chicken Burgers over Hamburgers? Hamburgers are great and all, but who can resist the excellence of things like:

- Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwhich
- McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwhich
- KFC's Big Crunch
- A&W's Chubby Chicken Burger

#2 Posted by pimsy (62 posts) -

I do like hambergers but sometimes you just cant beat a KFC zinger burger

#3 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -

Chicken Sandwhich is the proper term

#4 Posted by namster (132 posts) -

I love both but i def prefer the chicken burger when im on the road
hamburgers all the way for home BBQs though

#5 Posted by Jesus (1115 posts) -

Well the crispy ones are very good. There not perfect... But great.

#6 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

Mcdonald's McChicken is amazing.

#7 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

I still think that Chicken burgers, whilst nice and all, don't beat their beefy counterparts.

#8 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3720 posts) -

When I get fast food it's chicken burgers all the way - Wendy's Spicy Chicken  w/ everything on it, usually.

But, when I'm at home and looking to make an actual burger, it's beef all the way - and it's gotta be 85%. Can't beat a thick home-grilled burger done medium. Fucking yes.

#9 Posted by Jerving (4 posts) -

Mmmmh Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is absolutely flawless fast food.

#10 Posted by Homer (1372 posts) -

Wendys spicy chicken sandwich.

#11 Posted by Death_Burnout (3800 posts) -
pimsy said:

I do like hambergers but sometimes you just cant beat a KFC zinger burger

Amen To That!

Both non zinger and zinger burgers--i find--are awesome!
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I recently started eating the south west crispy chicken from McDonald's. They're very delicious. The McChicken is also good.

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