Chili's Southern Smokehouse burger.

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Now, I have a few food related goals in life. To find the best philly cheese steak, best hot dog, best pizza, and the best burger. This doesn't mean that I wont indulge in the occasional 7-11 hot dog or Burger King Whopper, and last night my girlfriend and I decided not to cook and go down the street to Chili's. I had just recently been there and their menu has been changed almost completely. At that visit I got the combo tacos, shrimp (which was fried, I thought it was weird that it wasn't grilled) and chicken, to get to the point, it was the worst tacos I have ever eaten. With this experience fresh in my mind, I had low hopes for the new menu. I was persuaded to get the Southern Smokehouse Burger, a Burger cooked to your liking, with onions, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, BBQ sauce, two HUGE slabs of bacon and cheese. I was expecting just another western burger, but damn, that was a good burger. While it doesn't go on my top 5, it is one of the best I have had from a chain restaurant. The serving was big with fries and steak sauce on the side for dipping. This was one of the two Smokehouse burgers, the other with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. While I fully advise avoiding the Chili's tacos, run to your nearest for a Smokehouse burger and thank me later.

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