Halo burger: The up and coming contender for the crown

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Seriously..... this local burger joit has made some of the BEST burgers in generations. The beefy double with cheese..... my stoner friends packed into a GMC Jimmy for hours baking with the windows up.... and when we get there they wonder what to order because I'm the only one who has been there. 2 combos each.... and all i can hear from the back seat is grunting and groaning "this is so much food but I can't stop eating it's so fucking good. 
Here is what one looks like..... 

 Beefy double with cheese

We need to spread the word and help get this franchise on the market. People out there are killing their brothers for a Halo Burger.                   
This needs to break out of the underground..... These burgers are too damn good to keep in one state.....  
   QP Olive burger and onion rings
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Where are you located? Because I'm coming to get one of those.

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Looks like a good burger.

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Looks like a Great Burger, a local joint in Philly. They had to close 1 of their 2 stores though cause no one could pay eight bucks for a hamburger. Disappointingly, they closed the one around the corner from my work :(

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Shit, that sounds awesome. If any of you ever come to Canada, and more specifically Toronto, go to one of two Gourmet Burger Co. restaurants. They make the tastiest burger I've ever had.

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Damn you, I really wanna burger now.

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@Pakorn: They don't cost much at all. i think a combo is 4.99ish
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Holy shit, that looks delicious. 
Oh and for the record, I thought that this was a Halo based burger, like a burger with Cortana Croutons and The Flood Special Sauce.

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 QP with cheese and a Boston cooler. Mmmmmm     
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The beef patty looks really thin, but I am very intrigued.

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@UnsolvedParadox: They are pretty average. As thin as a wendy's burger but thicker than mcdonalds. It's the flavor that counts. 
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What's up with you guys and burgers?
This doesn't look good at all.

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@TwoLines: Your glower power is no match for burger power.
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@Buzzkill: That's actually quite awesome. I'm about to hop a plane to Michigan - I'll smoke you up if you have one ready for me when I land.
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Dear God guys.. no franchise burger will ever be as good as one you can create and grill at home

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That first one looks like a mess! But the second on is divine looking.

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You yankies get such better burgers than us .

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I totally thought this thread was going to be about a burger shaped like a Halo.
Ya know, like from the Halo games.

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 Man really wish Scotland would get their act together and get some decent fast food chains here.  

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somehow i was thinking of a burger with a hole in the middle that made it look like a donut or Halo....  looks good either way though.

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