Hamburger Bento?

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So, for my 12-hour Mondays on campus, I've been bringing cold lunches via a nice bento box. 
Today as I munched on a square of steak sandwich, I tried to consider how one could facilitate a proper hamburger in this format. I'm not sure if Japan has attempted this yet?
Sliders would be possible, but unless they were squares ala White Castle or Wendy's, it would not be an efficient use of space.
Can a sectioned/diced hamburger truly be considered a hamburger?  Or am I just devolving it into a ground beef sandwich?  
And what would I do with all the leftover curved edges?  Meatloaf? 
More questions than answers....

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shape of meat patty doesn't effect whether or not its a burger

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Have to find a way to keep it from getting too soggy, but still moist.

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