Hamburger Review: Carl Jr.'s Grilled Cheese Bacon Hamburger

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That does not look like a good burger......
But it has cheese and bacon, Thats all I need.

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Try out those mini cheeseburger things or whatever at Carl's Jr.

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Did you make a video of you eating a burger?  That's weird.

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@ArchScabby: you're weird
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Seems like a more refined version of the Sourdough Jack at Jack In the Box, refined enough to get a 5/5.
 Looks/sounds pretty delish to me. Maybe I'll go try it out later today; i have no idea what I'm eating for lunch anyway.
Oh and I think Jack in the Box sells a grilled cheese sandwich as a kid's meal option, along with the requisite hamburger/cheeseburger/chicken strip option. You could get a grilled cheese at In-N-Out as well, but who the hell actually does that?

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@VinceNotVance said:
" Seems like a more refined version of the Sourdough Jack at Jack In the Box, refined enough to get a 5/5. "
My thoughts exactly. I tried out one of these burgers a few weeks ago and it was delicious! Loads of cheese, bacon and the toasted bread is pretty good too. I haven't gotten it since because its fairly greasy, even for Carls Jr ... but it's soooo goooood.
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neon indian and the decemberists? you, sir, have great music taste. 

#9 Posted by JJWeatherman (14560 posts) -

Pretty funny review bro.
I hear it's worth the money...   :P

#10 Posted by masternater27 (918 posts) -

"It's gonna fill me up pretty right for the rest of the night" was the best part.

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@piecat: yup, follow me & bruce, we talk about music a bunch 
@masternater27: that was an accidental rhyme that turned out to be awesome... might slap it in a song somewhere 
@JJWeatherman: eh, it might be.... yeah it is 
@VinceNotVance: I don't have a Jack in the Box near my area :( 
@rjayb89: I'll look into it
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@TurboMan: You're not missing out on much. It's an institution here because it's open 24 hours, so it attracts drunks and late-night stragglers since it's the only thing open late nearby campus. From what I assume, going from the Grilled Cheeseburger at Hardees/Carl's Jr to a Sourdough Jack is like going from a piece of filet mignon to a McDoublecheeseburger.
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@TurboMan: You better use that rhyme or I will. 
@VinceNotVance:  I've had so many drunken meals at Jack in the Box over the years.  I pretty much agree with your sentiment about sourdough jacks, but the new grilled sandwiches they have are worth a try.  I only had one because it was free, but it was totally delish.  Not really a hamburger at all, but good all the same.
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Anyone know of any other awesome new burger at a fast food restaurant?

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Finally, reviews that actually matter to me!  Forget those vidya games.

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i know you can get a grilled cheese thing from mcdonalds cuz i have a friend who used to do that before they started selling salads. 
kind of makes me wish i had more variety in fast food places near me, because all i have is mcdonalds, burgerking, wendys, and steak and shake....

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Mmmm, burger reviews.

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Next Review has been decided: Wendy's Blue Cheese burger. Get Excited.

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@TurboMan said:
" Next Review has been decided: Wendy's Blue Cheese burger. Get Excited. "
Blue Cheese...dare I say...
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I just had one of these babies today at the Carl's Jr. on my school's campus. 
Goddamn was it good! 
Keep up the good work.

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meat is murder

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I'm eating this burger as I type (the Six Dollar variety, actually) and it's friggin' delicious. Much like I mentioned before, it's most definitely a more refined version of the sourdough jack.  It still tastes like fast food hamburger, however.

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