Hamburger Review: Checkered Pig's Chopped Pork Sandwich

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I think you missed the embed. 

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@DanielJW: thanks for the heads up, its fixed now
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@TurboMan: Delightful. Looks like something I'd have a go at if I inhabited one of those two locations in the universe.  What was that sauce all about? Was it a spicy thing or like a sweet & sour type deal? 
Also for the super cool graphic you've got going on at the beginning, you'd benefit from having something like that at the end to reflect the score. Just a suggestion. :)
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Nice intro, also Virginia is the best commonwealth/state.

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Nice, burgers reviews are an awesome idea for making me hungry

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I like your concept, and I like your taste in music.  Keep it up!  Man I could go for a pulled pork sandwich right now.. followed by a mint.  Oh and I'm a bad person anyway, that's just how I do.

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@DanielJW: it was more of a sweet barbeque sauce... kind of comparable to the sauce they'll give you at Arby's 
and it would be cool to have a graphic at the end... never thought of that...
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Everything on menu at the Checkered Pig is extremely delicious. Get to Danville/Martinsville Virginia as fast as possible. 
That is all.

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