Have you ever eaten a spicy burger?

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#1 Posted by Knucklesthegreat (85 posts) -

Well, Hopefully you haven't tried one with a ghost chili in it~! 
Post about your Burger Challenges here. 
(p.s. I never did any burger challenges, i'm just curious.)
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#2 Posted by lockwoodx (2531 posts) -

Wendy’s Spicy Baconator
: “…six delicious bacon strips piled on two 1/4 lb. fresh, never frozen, burger patties, topped with Pepper Jack cheese, Chipotle Ranch sauce and jalapenos for an added kick.” 40 cents more than the non-spicy version, this 40-calories heftier model swaps Pepper Jack cheese for American, drops mayo and ketchup for Chipotle Ranch, and adds strips of jalapeno peppers to jumpstart the bacon. The only single Wendy’s menu item to surpass it in calories is the 3/4 lb. Triple with Cheese (weighing in at 980), and you know I’ve gotta try that soon. But the Spicy Baconator? It’s actually a pretty good sandwich. 

 So what makes the Spicy Baconator good-er/better than its blander counterpart? While both burgers sport enough protein, fat, and carbs to constitute roughly one-third to a half of an average adult’s daily caloric intake, the spicy version kicks things up a notch in terms of flavor and overall balance. The flavor’s easy to explain with the peppier cheese, actual peppers, and orange sauce (the Chipotle Ranch; see picture above), but it’s the spice and texture counterparts to just cheese and meat that help elevate the S.B. above the standard B. The veggies (i.e., the jalapeno slices) and the extra-tasty replacement components make the grease go down a lot easier (and quicker), earning the Spicy Baconator relatively high marks, despite its relatively high price.

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#3 Posted by ShadowKiller (914 posts) -

That last post makes me really want a baconator right now and there isn't a Wendy's within a 3 hour drive.

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#4 Posted by ninjakiller (3427 posts) -

Pepper Jack cheese is about as far as I'm willing to go as far as spicy burgers.  Spicy burgers always lead to Jalapeños, and they only taste like pain to me.   
I do like peppers, but something like a mild pickled cherry pepper is about as far as I'll go. 

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#5 Posted by T00MuchSteeze (177 posts) -

Looks amazing tasty right about now.

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#6 Posted by jaymorgoth (267 posts) -

I can confirm that the Spicy Baconator is both a hefty sangwhich as well as amazingly delicious! It definitely has the right amount of spicy without being so overwhelming all your concerned with is the heat.  Well made and delicious!

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#7 Posted by DrPockets000 (2877 posts) -

Damn, I really want a burger now.  

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#8 Posted by Djeffers03 (2537 posts) -

No. No I have not.

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#9 Posted by zombie2011 (5496 posts) -

Yeah it wasn't that spicy though. 
Dairy Queen FlameGrill Fire Burger.

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#10 Posted by nok (393 posts) -

The Carl's Jr jalapeno burger is pretty tasty, and the peppers on there along with most fast food joints peppers are pretty mild.

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#11 Posted by Knucklesthegreat (85 posts) -

i have never have nor will i ever eat.... 
A 4 horsemen burger. 
It's at chunky's in san antonio, Texas 
(never been there either...) I heard it on Man V. Food.
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#12 Posted by WildFloyd (139 posts) -

The angry whopper from burger king was pretty much the best burger i've ever had  

No Caption Provided

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#13 Posted by Mrnitropb (2131 posts) -
@Knucklesthegreat said:
" Well, Hopefully you haven't tried one with a ghost chili in it~! Post about your Burger Challenges here. (p.s. I never did any burger challenges, i'm just curious.) "
Actually where I worked, we had a bottle of Dave's Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia sauce ,  which "accidentally" found its way into a couple of dishes and drinks*. Actually not that bad once you got used to it. The flavor is better than the straight Daves Insanity sauce, and if you spread the sauce out over the whole sandwich, and not just one dollop, it was tolerable.
*Spicy mojitos are surprisingly damned good.
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#14 Posted by commandercup (525 posts) -
@ninjakiller: My god! Halopenos are the most incredible thing in the world!
Anyways, I'd love to have some spicy burgers, but I'm not sure where to get them... that spciy baconator looks freaking incredible. Do they still have them at Wendys?
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#15 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -
@zombie2011 said:
"Dairy Queen FlameGrill Fire Burger. "

This is the only thing I eat when I rarely go to my local Dairy Queen.
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#16 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -

I used to eat a lot of Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Jalapeno Burgers. 
Pretty good.

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#17 Posted by wrathofconn (1505 posts) -
@ninjakiller: lolwut.   

It seems like nobody here has had a green chili cheeseburger from an actual burger joint. Rookies.
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#18 Posted by vager (1677 posts) -

Yep. I usually add jalapeño peppers when I ever I make my own burgers.  
I get the Angry Wopper whenever I eat at Burger King 

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