Healthiest burger?

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Burgers are known for being as fattening as they are tasty. What's the healthiest fast good , restaurant, or frozen burger out there?

I would say soy burger, but unfortunately it tastes like crap on buns.

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I don't want a healthy burger good sir, or else it's not a burger!

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i have never heard of such a thing!

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A veggie burger.

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If your burger is healthy, you're doing it wrong.

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Turkey Burger
Bison Burger
Ostrich Burger

All good healthy alternatives. No need to have a heart attack at the age of 35 and personally I like to stay lookin good for my wife.

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They aren't as good.  I've had a Buffalo Burger.  Different experience.

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Buffalo is alot dryer thats true but its very low in fat and its the closest you can get to...JANDURIN! Holy shit dude. I just noticed that was you hahaha. Wassup!!!

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Why do you think I was ragging on your name.  roffles.

OMFG  Dude, you cursed. 

Cheese it, the mods are gonna get you.  Shit.

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Yeah...wait a minute this isn't gamespot lol. You can cuss but keep it sensible. They assume we know what sensible means. I sure hope I do. hahaha.

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Well, after some of the topics I saw on this forums the first day >_>.

Cursing sensibly just means not doing it every second.

The main bonus, I'd say, to being "allowed" to curse, is that you can post better pictures.  It irritated me how you had to modify images just to post them.

Anyway, on topic:

Healthy burgers ftl!

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Going by how the standard American family looks like, i'd say if hamburgers were healthy i'd expect to see a land raise by at least 10%.
Some Americans are just fat on legs, and you know it is true.

Anyway to stay on topic i'd say that the healthiest burger would have to be the non-existant one.

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Some sort of veggie burger or soy burger.

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Healthy burgers should not exist.

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Really, I am getting fed up with this 2000's health craze... It is quite disgusting :|  I eat everything I want and never get fat.  NO its not because I am just lucky, nor is it because I have a fast metabolism.  It's because I am semi-active and... well, i'm no longer gonna rant about how pathetic diets and so on have gotten over the years... Sowwy :(

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Termite said:
"Some sort of veggie burger or soy burger.


In other words, a weak burger.

Shocker said:
"Healthy burgers should not exist.


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A veggie burger I guess.

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No burger is healthy.

That's the point of the burger.  Pointing to the lettuce and convincing yourself that its healthy is as close as you can get.
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I actually think a hamburger is quite healthy if you grill it yourself and put fresh tomato and lettuce on it.

Beef - Meat
Bun - Wheat/Bread
Lettuce and Tomato - Vegetables
Cheese - Diary

Sounds like a well rounded meal to me!!! Now try to convince yourself not to eat 5 of them...thats the hard part.

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soy/veggie burgers are a disgrace to the burger name

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A burger is only as unhealthy as you cook it.  I would assume a grilled burger isn't that bad for you.  If you use a healthier type of bun (like wheat maybe?) I'm sure it can be even better.  Also, avoid using mayo and fatty types of sauces.

As long as you don't eat too many, hamburgers made from quality beef should be pretty good for you as far as I can tell.

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License_To_Bill said:
"If your burger is healthy, you're doing it wrong.
Ur doin it rong!

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