I want a buddy cop game with Nolan North and Troy Baker

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Think about it. I mean why not?

That's it. That is all I have to say. That is all that really need to be said when you think about it.

The only question is: Who should develop it? I feel like Naughty Dog is a little too obvious, who else could be a good fit. Volition maybe?

Come on people, let's make it happen.

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It would be interesting if it were made by Frictional...

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I would play this game. Especially if Steve Blum was the villain. Throw Johnny Yong Bosch in there too for good measure.

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Or maybe Quantic Dream could make it. Then they would speak English with a French accent.

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@castiel said:

Think about it. I mean why not?

Because their voices are overused and they make already-similar games even more similar and familiar? I buy a new exciting game that will take me on a new adventure and tell me a story and bam, Desmond/Drake/Mafia 2 pedestrian/Singularity guy is there to speak all the time, it really takes away from the charm and immersion and novelty of a new game. It's not the same as a movie because in movies the actor has the same face and voice in all his movies, whereas having the same VOICE for different looking PEOPLE is totally crap.

If they wanna keep using North then all his game characters should look like Drake so it would make sense.

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Okay, but Troy Baker has to do a Nolan North impersonation the whole time and vice versa.

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Only if Baker played a wise-cracking dog named Bubbles. Jennifer Hale would be their headstrong Captain or Police Commissioner.

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I would play this game. Especially if Steve Blum was the villain. Throw Johnny Yong Bosch in there too for good measure.

Don't forget about Yuri Lowenthal.

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@yi_orange said:

I would play this game. Especially if Steve Blum was the villain. Throw Johnny Yong Bosch in there too for good measure.

Don't forget about Yuri Lowenthal.

Also John DiMaggio

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Hey guys, and gals, this is gonna be the Ocean's Eleven of video games.

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I think you need DICE. The Bad Company games are really just buddy cop (soldier) games.

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Why hasn't there been a GTA with a buddy cop thing? That would be pretty great, riding through the city with your wisecracking partner.

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Does Jennifer Hale play the women they eventually fight over but then she picks neither?

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Robin Atkin Downes will star as drug addict with a heart of gold. And heroin.

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My voice-acting Super Group.

1. Tara Strong
As The Lead Character, as well as your trusty talking Puffer Fish--who talks with a southern accent--she carries in a bowl.
2. James Arnold Taylor
As The androgynous tutorial lead who dies soon after being eaten whole by The Lead Character's Puffer Fish.
3. Phil LaMarr
As The Cool Black Guy.
4. Cree Summer
As The Hot Black Chick.
5. Brian Bloom
As an inept New Yorken mobster called Henry Hilltop.
6. Robin Atkin Downes
As a flamboyant European lion tamer called Carl.
7. D.C. Douglas
As The Narrator, who'll often break the fourth wall and unconditionally spout random hammy Wesker quotes.
8. Richard Waugh
As The Second Narrator, who'll bicker with D.C Douglas over who can deliver the hammiest random Wesker quotes.
9. Steve Blum
As The Rough Tough Explosives Guy with a bushy beard, a heart O gold and a love of cursing.
10. Nolan North
As additional voices.
11. Jennifer Hale
As The Wise Sage Lady... or as The Disrespectful Authority Figure.
12. Grey DeLisle
As Every Other Female NPC.
13. Alyson Court
As an anthropomorphic cat who only appears to make '^_^' faces while scoffing down cookies.
14. Mark Meer
As an inanimate tree.
15. Gregory Ellis
As The Charming And Equally Smarmy Englishman.
16. Paul Mercier
As The Showoffy And Arrogant U.S Agent who constantly undermines himself with pratfalls. Basically the comic relief.
17. Jon St. John
As Himself.
18. Fred Tatasciore
As The Monsters. Also The Hulk.
19. James Jonah "Jim" Cummings
As The Despicable Business Man who flaunts a corrupt and immoral image to hide his insecurities.
20. Claudia Black
As Jennifer Hale's butt cheeks.
21. Troy Baker
As Super Awkward American Teen, who will provide the key to saving the world through his new-found bravery.
22. David Hayter
As The Guard who talks a lot while they're on duty.
23. Simon Templeman
As The Misunderstood Villain.
24. Josh Keaton
As The Crazy Super Fucked Up Subordinate, who'll murder The Misunderstood Villain at the last minute as he begins to learn from his mistakes, and will take the previous Villain's plan and amplify it to a fuckton of crazy.
25. Frank Welker
As a giraffe. Don't know what a giraffe sounds like? You will when you hear them through Frank Welker.

Who wants to fund my kickstarter then.

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@yummylee: That would literally be the greatest thing ever. We need to make that happen! I would buy the shit out of that game. I don't even know if the previous sentence made any sense, but who cares.

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@yummylee: Add Laura Bailey in there somewhere and I will give you all the moneys.

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