I'm done with McDonalds

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#-49 Posted by citizenkane (10873 posts) -

Don't eat so much of the place within that short period of a time.  Of course you are going to hate it afterward.

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#-48 Posted by gamb1t (1004 posts) -

stopped eating mcd's bfast when i made homemade sausage egg n cheese mcmuffins. went to mcdonalds a week later tried same thing and man i thought i was eating trash. never went back since. never eating anything from there again unless on a roadtrip.

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#-47 Posted by gamb1t (1004 posts) -

***also the reason fast food is so addictive and tastes so good is cause they put HFCS in their food

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#-46 Posted by AuthenticM (4297 posts) -

You are insane.

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#-45 Posted by loopy_101 (366 posts) -

I've always prefered Burger KIng to Macdonalds. Better chips, better burgers and it feels alot more like a traditional fast food store than Macdonalds (which is a bonus in my mind). The only problem is, there are many many more Macdonalds stores than Burger Kings and Macdonalds costs alot alot less too.

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#-44 Posted by drummerboykhari (224 posts) -

DUDE! I'm slobbering for a Mcgriddle

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#-43 Posted by PhilESkyline (877 posts) -

After watching SuperSizeMe I haven't eaten McDonalds food in almost a year and a half.

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#-42 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12529 posts) -

Punks? You do realize that it started in America, and the only reason it's called Hungry Jack's down there is because someone else had a restaurant called Burger King down there. 

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#-41 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

Wait a second.... Burger kings are called Hungry Jacks?! Where?

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#-40 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

Hungry Jack's is Burget King huh? 
(reads Wikipedia) 
Ha! this is a pretty interesting read
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#-39 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

I usually only eat fast food when I'm out with friends or something like that.

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#-38 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5146 posts) -

Although McDonalds are foul, I don't think your problem with them is the quality of the food insomuch as that you ATE NINE IN TWO WEEKS WHAT THE FUCK

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#-37 Posted by Spoonman (82 posts) -

I worked at a McDonald's for 6 months and that ruined me from eating any food from there pretty much ever again.  Not that the food is good to begin with, but working there totally reinforced the thought that some sick stuff goes on at fast food joints.

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