Wendy's, Mcdonalds, or Burger King

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#1 Posted by Kman (74 posts) -

I say BurgerKing all the way!

#2 Posted by lucas_kelly (769 posts) -


#3 Posted by Mr_Bauer (398 posts) -


#4 Posted by RedSox8933 (2428 posts) -


#5 Posted by twenty0ne (3071 posts) -

BK, Wendy's, McDonald's.

#6 Posted by cmpLtNOOb (203 posts) -


#7 Posted by DarkLegend (1387 posts) -

BK all the way, then checkers.

#8 Posted by Brucie (129 posts) -


#9 Posted by JesseG (138 posts) -

Harveys. God.

#10 Posted by Jay4321 (71 posts) -


#11 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

It's in the name...Burger King!

#12 Edited by MikeydCT (575 posts) -

1 Burger King
2 Wendy's to dry nonthing on it
3 Mc D's to greasy sometimes

#13 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1050 posts) -

All hail the King!

#14 Posted by Sean (15 posts) -

Burger King, always seems to be the most freshly cooked and warm. Wendy's is second, Jr Bacon Cheeseburger rocks. 

Don't like McDonalds too much.
#15 Posted by vaca (40 posts) -

1.  Original Tommy's

2. In-N-Out

3. Jack in the Box

4. Carl's Jr.

5. Burger King

6. McDonald's

7. Wendy's

#16 Posted by Scorched (691 posts) -

for burgers out of those choices
they're all so-so though

#17 Posted by OldManLollipop (306 posts) -

I'll eat anywhere BUT McDonalds.

Screw McDonalds.

#18 Posted by Cali_Style (63 posts) -
vaca said:

1.  Original Tommy's

2. In-N-Out

3. Jack in the Box

4. Carl's Jr.

5. Burger King

6. McDonald's

7. Wendy's

Let 'em know, son! Speak on it.
#19 Posted by Corsaer (66 posts) -

Wendy's, from that list.

#20 Posted by tec3297 (1170 posts) -

Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese from McDonalds

#21 Posted by TheHBK (5593 posts) -

I am gonna say I hate Burger King.  It just feels like the burgers are gonna fall apart and dont taste as good.  I love wendy's value menu and love their fries but man, the wendys I have gone to always have bums and depressing people.  McDonalds is the place that you cant go wrong with, two cheeseburger meal.

#23 Posted by Booticon (29 posts) -

Burger King rules hard!

#24 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

Wendy's, by far

#25 Posted by SleazyP (81 posts) -

Tuff one. Guess Burger King and Wendy's are a tie. Both are alright.  But the ONLY thing McDonalds has going for itself  is there breakfast.  In the end, go to King Taco instead.

#26 Edited by Major (506 posts) -

Wendys... Even tho this is the hamburger forum... their chili is made of pure win.

#27 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

Wendys? their burgers are terrible

#28 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

McDs, mostly cause I have a friend who works there and I get 50% off. :)

#29 Posted by mrfangs (1 posts) -

Burger King Mickey D's is a close second, but you gotta love a double whopper! Until they kill you, that is!

#30 Posted by Shadow2K6 (381 posts) -

Burger King by far.

#31 Posted by morex (10 posts) -

Burger King all the way man. Nothing better than a juicy big ass Whopper!

#32 Posted by Falkien (211 posts) -

McDonald's and Wendy's

#33 Posted by yorro (558 posts) -

King baby

#34 Posted by Forzen (86 posts) -

Burger King for me.

#35 Posted by joshrocks2245 (238 posts) -

I would have to say Burger King and Mcdonalds.
Best burgers ever are there

#36 Posted by MikPick (333 posts) -

Wendys. I think I've only had Burger King twice in my life, and both times I never even had a burger.

McDonalds has good burgers too.

#37 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

It depends what mood I'm in..

#38 Posted by JesseG (138 posts) -

Anyone from Toronto will agree, Licks.

#39 Posted by CodeHero (134 posts) -

Burger King=Wendy's>Mcdonalds

#40 Posted by SSbabel (1141 posts) -

MIckyds boooooiiiiiiiiii.

#41 Posted by cesson (42 posts) -

Burger king every time!

#42 Posted by legend_cloud (359 posts) -

Burger Kin, then McDonald's.

#43 Posted by Will1Lucky (408 posts) -

I dont like any of them, just stick a couple on a BBQ and sorted :).

#44 Posted by Solid_SnakeXx (1771 posts) -

Burger king thats why its  call it the KING :D

#45 Posted by Grouchu (7 posts) -

Burger King.

#46 Posted by myzticaznfool (57 posts) -
vaca said:

1.  Original Tommy's

2. In-N-Out

3. Jack in the Box

4. Carl's Jr.

5. Burger King

6. McDonald's

7. Wendy's

Exactly how I would put it
#47 Posted by InsaneBomb (13 posts) -

burger king... they just dont hand out that name for nothing

#48 Posted by classenmindy (8 posts) -

BK, then Wendy's


no comment on McDonalds

#49 Posted by MisterMollusk (399 posts) -

Burger King from that list, but the Dairy Queen where I live makes fantastic burgers.

#50 Posted by FaintDeftone (80 posts) -

McDonalds sucks. Wendys and BK are both great, but I think I prefer BK a little bit more.

None of them compare to Hardees when it comes to fast food burgers though.

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