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172777 twitterlegend Thing Overview 04/20/15 07:31PM 2 Approved
60064 BeachThunder Thing Overview 09/29/13 07:16PM 253 Approved
59891 YukoAsho Thing Overview 09/28/13 10:23PM 34 Approved
39739 SaturdayNightSpecials Thing Overview 06/30/13 03:58AM 33 Approved
10874 FattyLobotnik Thing Overview Goddamn there's a lot of Spongebob games. I'm not crazy enought to check which ones actually contain burgers, but I am sure of these. 03/04/13 05:34PM 5 Approved
7486 ahynds Thing Overview Added Dog's Life, which has a burger in it as a consumable. 02/22/13 04:49PM 2 Approved

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