Hamilton's Great Adventure

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Hey guys, 
first of all. I am probably breaking all forum rules with what forum to post in etc, so sorry about that. I guess I am just not forum enough.  
Anyways. I am flying to LA tomorrow, and I have a few Steam keys for Hamilton's Great Adventure on my desktop. Any takers? If so, PM me and tell me why you want one. Probably broke another rule with the post now... So after the first moderator got a key, erase the thread... 
And, I think we all should help Patrick keep his hair shiny. 

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@Gunnar: Posting this in the forum of the game would make a lot of sense. 
Having said that, I would love to get me a Steam key. Why? Well, let me tell you a bit about me. One day, I was travelling through Peru . .  
I like games. I like to play games. Never played a Fatshark AB game. This could be my first. You'll always remember your first. 
Oh I need to PM you?
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The Crazy Gunner breaking rules? I'm sure people can bend the rules a bit, given the amusement you've given them by subjecting the Bomb crew to various Swedish treats.

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I absolutely love adventure games. 

#5 Posted by Trace (3556 posts) -

We're not against giveaways, so you should be fine, Gunnar. No worries!

Moderator Online
#6 Posted by Winternet (8019 posts) -
@PsEG said:

We're not against giveaways, so you should be fine, Gunnar. No worries!

We're definitely pro giveaways.
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I'm pretty pro giveaways.

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@Gunnar: I'll gladly take a code off your hands.  ;)   
Never mind, don't have a gaming PC.  Please disregard this post.  
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Wow that's pretty cool stuff. Thanks Gunnar!
Edit:@Gunnar  Okay I tried sending a PM, but everytime I try to send it, it just sits there loading forever. Well if I get a key that's cool, if not that's cool too. Otherwise sorry if I filled you mailbox with a bazillion PMs if they actually did send.
Fatshark is still awesome either way!

#10 Posted by Gunnar (33 posts) -
@PsEG said:

We're not against giveaways, so you should be fine, Gunnar. No worries!

Oh crap! I thought I was a bad ass... 
10 codes have new owners. Treat'em well. Have a few more left, then it's Game Over for this time. The sync up with the QL was not planned, it was there after I posted, sometimes you just get lukcy I guess. But check that out, and the dust is for special abilities for Hamilton, such as run and stuff...
#11 Posted by Slaker117 (4842 posts) -
@Gunnar: I tired to send you a PM, but it's just sitting at an infinite loading screen. If you have any codes left I would like one. I would buy the game to support you guys, but I'm a poor student and just had to pay to get my laptop replaced.
Thanks either way.
#12 Posted by avidwriter (667 posts) -
I enjoy games like this but as I only own a PC I don't get to play them often, at least any good ones that I've found. Or perhaps I've never really looked that hard? Maybe I won't have to look at all if I win? Thanks. 
PS. I can't send PM's cause the site just hangs on loading....
#13 Posted by LordAndrew (14426 posts) -
@avidwriter: I don't know what browser you use, but I hate it.
#14 Posted by dvorak (1496 posts) -

I'm interested, but yeah it looks like PM's are down.

#15 Posted by Gunnar (33 posts) -

As I have to turn in pretty soon, have to get up at 5AM and get the last stuff done before heading to the airport... I guess I have to end the giveaway for now. But, if you want to, PM me and I'll see if I have time to give out a few more during E3 week. 

#16 Posted by Danteveli (1186 posts) -

Hope you will have some spare key. And good luck on E3 (I assume you are going there).

#17 Posted by jesb (13 posts) -

I'd love a key.  Always enjoy a good adventure game.  

#18 Posted by Kyreo (4600 posts) -

If you still have a few, I'll take one.  Thanks.

#19 Posted by xboxersg (3 posts) -

Hello! I'm new here. Do you have anymore keys for me to try this game out??

#20 Posted by xboxersg (3 posts) -

I tried to PM you but the screen just keeps getting stuck there. Can I have a key if there is any left? I like cartoony graphics and puzzle elements. And the reviews for this game is alright.

#21 Posted by reputatsioon (31 posts) -

Is there a key left? :)

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This PM getting stuck happened to me as well. Though, when I went to the outbox there it was. My PM was sent, no problem. Currently playing the game. Maybe I can even edit some wiki here, maybe write a review. That looks hard, though.

#23 Posted by xboxersg (3 posts) -

Guess there isn't any key left. OP did not reply at all. 

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Soooooooooo...... E3 is over and I had no chance to read through messages, and give out the last couple of Steam Keys. I'm flying back from LA to Sweden tomorrow FREAKISHLY EARLY, and will enjoy the last day in LaLaLand before I do. Then, when the jetlag wears off, I'll take a stab at it again. And, any PM's that has arrived until June 14th will be included in the "getting a free key" post. 
PSN version is cloing in. I hope to have a few keys to that version in July.

#25 Posted by Gunnar (33 posts) -

Now. Mailed out the last batch of keys. Everyone that requested one got one - now that's how nice I am...  
Will get back with a limited number of keys for the PSN version when they arrive. 

#26 Posted by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

Awesome of you to do this, Gunnar. I wish I would have seen this thread earlier so I could have asked for a code. Ah well. You continue to be awesome, sir.

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