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 Hammerman terrorizes WWII London until his encounter with Alyssa.
Hammerman, or "Sledgehammer" is the first deranged murderer that is encountered in the survival horror game Clock Tower 3.  He was a serial killer that was hanged to death yet was able to be resurrected and controlled by an ancient evil being known as an "Entity".  Hammerman became a "Subordinate", doing this Entity's bidding.  With each human victim that Hammerman slays he grows in strength and has the ability to accumulate this power infinitely.


Robert Morris, age 32, was hanged September 10th, 1941 for the murder of 12 known victims.  His first victim was a coworker at the Banbury Stonecutting factory.  He smashed his skull in with a sledgehammer as he did to all of those he killed.  Those that knew Morris could not explain this strange change in his behavior.  Ultimately he was captured and sentenced to hang to death.  One eyewitness reported:

"He was hanging for a very long time, pulling on the straps and making unearthly noises, and blood was oozing through the black cap.  The stench was terrible; some witnesses fainted and were carried out." 

 Hammerman chases Alyssa through the concert hall where his victim, May Norton, had her piano recital.
In Clock Tower 3, Hammerman is in London while it is being attacked by bombers in World War II.  He has murdered a young child who is skilled at the piano named May Norton.  He caved her skull in with a hammer and sent her tumbling down the stairs in her own house.
The hero of Clock Tower 3, Alyssa Hamilton, witnesses these past events as a ghostly memory and is confronted by Hammerman within May Norton's home.  She ultimately discovers the pocketwatch that May gave to her father (who later died at war) and this sentimental object grants her the power to defeat Hammerman once and for all with her Rooder bow and arrow.

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