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Han is a former member of the Royal Knights' blue team in Guardian Heroes, but left their service to travel as an adventurer. While he doesn't seem to have been highly-ranked within the Royal Knights, he is at least somewhat familiar to the Princess Lucia, and well-regarded by the Blue Knights' leader Gash.
Han is arguably the main character in Guardian Heroes with only Serena really being able to rival him for the title. To cut down on redundant speech in a two-player story mode, only one of the two selected characters will speak at relevant points. Each character's speech has a different level of priority, with Serena's being the highest, followed by Han. As Serena is an unlockable character rather than a standardly selectable one, Han can be seen as the game's main character.
Han is designed as the story mode's most physical character. Aside from starting with the highest physical stats of any of the Guardian Heroes and the best reach, Han is also the least adept at magic, knowning only one spell(the standard homing fireball).  To help compensate for this shortcoming, Han has the opportunity to gain a unique stat-boost by acquiring a magic sword during the story mode. While this weapon does increase Han's traits(and allows him to temporarily go beyond the usual limits of a character's stats) it also can prove a hindrance as the weapon sets its victims on fire, many of whom immediately fall back onto Han, burning him.
In advance Guardian Heroes, he returns as a thrall of the wizard, Kanon.

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