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Hana no Star Kaidou ("Up-and-coming Star Highway") is an action platformer in which the player controls two fictional musicians - Moeta and Goro - simultaneously as they cross Japan seeking their musical stardom. As they move along stages, they can temporarily incapacitate overeager fans, paparazzi, rival musicians, yakuza and any other troublemakers in their way by singing at them.

Both characters move simultaneously, but do not occupy the same space: This means if the player jumps a pit and the second character following behind falls in, that character loses a life. Each of the two characters has a separate lives counter and the game is over if just one of them should lose all their lives.

The game was developed and published by Victor Musical Industries, prior to the company's name change to Victor Interactive. The company also produced a lot of musical acts (true to its name) which is why the game is musician themed.

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