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Hanako playing billiards.
Hanako playing billiards.

Hanako Ikezawa is one of the five potential love interests in Katawa Shoujo. She is badly scarred on the right side of the body after being burnt in a fire. Only half of her body is burnt because her mother, who died in the fire along with her father, used her body to shield Hanako. She is very shy and only trusts a few people, such as Lilly and Akira Satou and Hisao if he pursues either Lilly or Hanako's route. She uses her long, purple hair to cover the scarring on her face. Being raised in an orphanage for years, she became familiar with many hobbies such as reading, chess, billiards and most surprisingly karaoke.

She is often treated badly by Misha and Shizune and will only speak to school staff if it is required. Through Lilly, she is also acquainted with Yuuko Shirakawa, who is the librarian at Yamaku and a waitress at The Shanghai, a café that Hanako and Lilly regularly visit.

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