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Solid State Gamer Review: Hang On (SMS)

Game Title: Hang On
Release Date: 1985
Developer: Sega (Yu Suzuki)
Platform: Sega Master System
Genre/Type: Motorcycle Racing
Game Rating: [IV/V]

The winning combination of appealing aesthetics and solid game play make this game a great experience overall…

Sega made the move to try and make the dream of the arcade at home experience come true. Their was a considerable number of arcade game conversions made exclusively to the master system as well as other home platforms. The success of these conversions come up with mixed results. However, it works out and works out well with Hang On.

Hang On was released in 1986 by Sega of America under its initial design by Yu Suzuki. The game has a simple premise which is to race down a long stretch of open road toward the finish line and get there before time runs out. If you run out of time then your game is over. Getting into high speed crashes and struggling on sharp turns will be the two biggest things that will slow you down.

Hang On has three main difficulty settings with the first being the easiest and the third being the most difficult. The first mode is fairly easy going and only has a few sharp turns. The third mode constantly has sharp turns as well as opponents who try to run into you as you attempt to pass them. Having these modes is great for the game because makes the game more accessible to novice and experienced gamers alike. It is just a matter of finding which mode is right for you.

Hang On has two main game mechanics to it; the gear changing and the hang on mechanic. Gear changing in Hang On is important not just for achieving top speed, but is also for avoiding crashes on sharp turns. Down shifting to quickly bring your speed down will most likely carry you through tough turns. The title worthy hang on mechanic is needed for weaving in and out between other competitors on turns.

As for the music and sound quality, there is no in-game music. The only music there is music on the title screen as well as the victory jingle that plays once you have won a challenge. However, it is not the music that is the memorable part on this game. The sound is essentially where the audio quality is with possibly the best vehicular sound effects in a console video game to date. The game’s overall presentation flourishes with sound of skidding and engines revving. Graphically speaking, the game does not fare well when compared to its arcade counterpart. However that is not meant to imply that the graphics are bad. When compared with other console game it does stand out with its various different environments and give this version of Hang On its own identity. This game pulls some great visuals that are bound to impress.

This game manages to do what other arcade game conversions do not achieve. The game play is true enough for arcade goers and the graphical qualities are great as well as the compelling audio. With varying modes and innovative mechanics, any arcade gamer or someone with a home console is bound to enjoy this title.

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Posted by Jon_Rivera

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