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Hauptsturmführer (SS Captain) Hans Grosse is a minor, though recurring antagonist during the Wolfenstein series, and appears in both Wolfenstein 3-D and the 2009 sequel, Wolfenstein. He is a large, mentally limited German male, but he is a threat due to his sheer size and brute strength. During the games he is shown to have incredible strength, normally carrying two heavy weapons when a normal man could hold only the one.  
During 2009's Wolfenstein, in which Hans has been resurrected, though no explanation is ever given for this, Hans shoots dead both the leader of the Kreisau Circle, Caroline Becker, and the leader of the Golden Dawn; Dr. Alexandrov, even though Alexandrov was a traitor working for the Nazis. He enters the Black Sun Dimension, giving Blazkowicz no choice but to pursue. Upon entering the Black Sun dimension, Grosse dons a suit of armor equipped with dual chainguns, a grenade launcher, and a Thule Medallion like his adversary's. After a massive fight, Blazkowicz manages to rip the Thule Medallion from Grosse's outfit, electrocuting him. It can only be assumed that he is killed when the Black Sun dimension destabilizes and destroys itself, though Grosse has shown incredible strength in the past and may well have survived, in typical 'bad guy' fashion.

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