What do you think about Happy Wars?

#1 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

Microsoft released a trailer for this new F2P game today for the 360. Well, technically it's not FREE, because you need to have Gold to play it... but it's still kinda free.

It looks really cute and I'm hoping it's at least somewhat good because I can see myself playing this, initially, as a time waster or just to see what it's like. It looks to be an RPG with a lot of items and equipment, and if you look at the trailer there seem to be a section on the bottom right for 9 skills.

There seems to be 8 stats: Attack, M.Attack, Defense, M.Defense, Guard Power, Anti-Magic Guard, Health, and Mana. Plus equipping different armor gives you passive abilities like mobility speed up, freeze rate down, team skill EXP up, etc.

There are 5 categories of equipments: Weapon, Shield, Helm, Chest and I THINK the last is one accessories. You can level up these items using other items for raw materials. You can also play as a Warrior, Mage, or Cleric.

Anyway, I love RPGs so I'm probably gonna give this game a shot. I've never heard of Toylogic before so I have no idea of their pedigree... but here's to hoping!

New Trailer:

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#2 Posted by GrantHeaslip (1806 posts) -

The fact that they include "Exciting castle seige!" as a feature in the trailer is pretty great. As long as this doesn't operate on the scummy end of free-to-play business models, it looks like a nice casual Fat Princess-esque game, and there aren't many of those. I'm not really into it, but it could be neat.

#3 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

It's about damn time they started doing something like this. It isn't Microsoft's first foray into the free to play realm, so here's to hoping they learned from their past mistakes!

#4 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3184 posts) -

You can download the beta of this game if you have the new dashboard. It's really fun.


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