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The main menu of HappyLand Adventures
HappyLand Adventures is a platforming game with puzzle elements, developed by the Swedish video game company Free Lunch Design. It was developed by Johan Peitz, who made graphics, code and design for the game. It is available for free at their we bsite, along with a level editor. HappyLand Adventures was the winning submission in a contest held by Included in the downloadable version on their website is a X-Mas version of the game named Happyland Adventures X-Mas Edition.


You are out to rescue the happylanders, small animal like creatures. Rescuing these will rid the world of evilness. The End. 


In HappyLand Adventures you play as a rabbit running around saving small animal like creatures called happylanders. When you touch them, they start following you around. These creatures are often hidden on the map, and it requires you to explore each map to find them all. Once you have one (or more) you can drop them off at specialized safe zones. If you die, any happylanders following you will be returned to their original location. In order to finish a level you must drop off a certain amount of happylanders. When you have done so a message will tell you that the level exit is open, and you can move on. Along the way you meet people that you can talk to in order to get hints as to where to go next in order to proceed through the level. You can also pick up fruits that you find to gain more points, and hearts that function as a health bar. Each enemy you hit will take one heart away, if you hit an enemy when you have no hearts left you will die.

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