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Hey, you bring that from Soul Caliber?

Yoshimitsu stands out in the Tekken series for a few reasons but one is that big sword he carries around. No one else in Tekken has a weapon but somehow he gets away with it. He has had a special move throughout most of the series that allows him to perform Seppuku. He turns his back to his opponent when close, and drives his sword though his own belly and into the front of theirs! If he connects that nearly dispatches his enemy. If not, Yoshi's got a lot less energy and his opponent won't have much trouble showing him the floor. Yoshi can even run the sword though himself, and then spin like a top towards his enemy if they are distant. Tricky move but there's nothing scarier than a suicidal space ninja trying to stab you with a sword that's sticking out of his back.

Mortal Kombat Deception

This installment of Kombat introduced the concept of Hara-Kiri's to the fans of the series. When a player loses the final match, instead of waiting to be finished off, the player could now finish themselves. The variety of ways the characters choose to off themselves range from comical to grotesque, but offers a kind of relief as you rob your opponent of the pleasure.

That migraine was self-inflicted

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