Seriously, what's up with the voice samples?

#1 Posted by Kaineda77 (132 posts) -

How come a game that features pretty high production values in all other respects can have such lousy lousy voice samples? How much can a second take cost?
Any explanations?
I ususally dont give a damn about the voice sample quality in action games, but in this case, it really bumps me out.

#2 Posted by Bocam (3742 posts) -

Are you taking about the voice acting? Because the voices were done by Japanese people who didn't know any english.

#3 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2908 posts) -
@Kaineda77:  I haven't played it yet, but based on the quick look, yeah the enemy death sounds are pretty repetitive. I'd assume it's to try to capture a retro vibe. Personally, I really can't stand repetitive voice stuff, but it's much worse when it's for actions your character is performing. The example I always think of is Mega Man ZX Advent, where every time you jumped your character said "Ha!" and every charge shot he said "Take this!" Absolute ear torture.
#4 Posted by Kaineda77 (132 posts) -

I am talking about the voice samples of the protagonists, or the voice acting of the corresponding...actors. I dont really mind the enemy death sounds. And the English is fine, so is the pronunciation (no accent or anything), so obivously they had someone who knows English. What is annoying is the way the lines are delivered. E.g. when you beat one of the bosses Bahamut might say something like "that was tough" in the most bored way possible. I wish they had gone for a retro vibe, meaning super exciting actors performing lines of broken English. 

#5 Posted by mwng (934 posts) -

Just so you know, the last boss's voice acting is hillarious.

#6 Posted by GrandMarshal (388 posts) -

the voice is perfect it suits the game, the last bosses voice made me laugh so much

#7 Posted by GunstarRed (5171 posts) -
@mwng said:
" Just so you know, the last boss's voice acting is hillarious. "
haha yes "can I beat you up!"
#8 Posted by Kjellm87 (1728 posts) -

It is things like that give games personality.

#9 Posted by Fastshot (67 posts) -

It meant to be stupid it the fun of the game 

#10 Posted by buft (3316 posts) -

I think its a stylistic choice, like a nod to the games roots but sometimes im not so sure.

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