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Hard Hitter Tennis features both Singleplayer and Multiplayer components. The games Singleplayer focus is it's Arcade Mode a mode where you play through a number of different tennis tournaments with the ultimate goal of become World Tennis Ace. You can choose from up to 8 pre-made characters each with individual statistics or create your own character. The character customisation features the ability to select your skills and strengths then watch them improve as you progress through matches and championships. As you win more and more tournaments the player will begin to unlock secret characters. The game features both single and doubles matches as well as the ability to manually choose the length of your matches. As you progress through your career you will play experience different court surfaces. There are four different surfaces in Hard Hitter Tennis, Hard, Indoor, Grass and Clay. Each of these adds variation to the gameplay. As well as Training and exhibition modes Hard Hitter Tennis features multiplayer modes. Up to 4 players can play either singles or doubles modes. 

Release Dates

  • Japan - 06/28/01
  • Europe - 03/08/02
  • US - 10/08/02

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