Expansion Pack confirmed for Steam version...for free

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Flying Wild Hog confirmed on their Facebook page that the new levels and whatnot that are in the retail version of Hard Reset are coming to Steam as a update patch, and it will be free for anyone that has the game. Peeps had been wondering what the fuck was up with the extended version, well wonder no more.

Also, the game is part of the latst indy bundle on Indie Royale, if you dont own it yet (shame on you). good news all around, guess ill wait for the extended patch to play it.

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Sweet! I was kinda worried that it might be paid.

I have held of playing the game since i got it from the Indie Royale Bundle just for this reason.

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:O That's awesome. I was expecting (and willing) to pay something for it. BTW, the game is great.

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Been playing it. It's fantastic. I just love the feel of the game.

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What happened to this? It got delayed?

Their Facebook page mentions something called Hard Reset: Exile.

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@Forcen said:

What happened to this? It got delayed?

Their Facebook page mentions something called Hard Reset: Exile.

Yep, it's Hard Reset: Exile now; it will still be free, but there's no word on the Steam release date =(

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Suprised me but Hard Reset, the Extended version is out on disc, at Amazon for say 29.00 dollars. I doubt Steam sees the extra stuff or this version for awhile, just a guess. I sort of understand.

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@Forcen said:

Apparently its out now!


Not sure how to install it yet.

Oh shit, finally! :D

You don't need to do anything to install it, it will just update the game automatically.

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