Hard Reset developer talks quick-saves, royalty rates, and NO DRM

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Check this out out guys an interesting Ars Technica Interview with Klaudiusz Zych, the cofunder of (and programmer at) Flying Wild Hog. 
He makes  some good points:  

-The save system has a huge impact on gameplay, it changes the way people play the game. For example, if a game doesn't have checkpoints—this can be very frustrating when you forget to save often enough," Zych explained. "Quick saves on the other hand can ruin a game's difficulty and balance." 
-A small team creating a game and aiming it exclusively at PCs? It seems like a risky move financially. Zych disagrees. "Consoles are past their peak of interest. In my opinion everyone is moving their focus to mobile devices: iOS and Android mobiles, to social games on Facebook and finally to digital distribution on PCs," he told Ars. "The number of copies sold for all the other systems is not as big as for consoles, but the royalties a developer gets from the deal are much, much higher." 
-The game industry is very polarized nowadays," Zych explained. "Big studios with budgets of tens of millions of dollars for a single game dominate the console market and small indie studios dominate digital distribution on mobiles and PCs. And almost no one does middle budget games." 
-My last question concerned the boogeyman of DRM. "I'm a gamer as well as a developer," Zych said. "And I hate DRM. So no DRM."

Interesting thoughs, specially the switching focus from consoles to mobile/social and budget in AAA games I've always think that games like Dragon Age instead of being "dumbed down" for mass appeal should be produced in lower scale (with a small budget), niche games don't necesarily need hundreds of millions of dollars to be produced. 

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