Here's my take on this kick in the balls of a game

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That's sadly pretty much what I expected after seeing the Quick Look here on the site.
I just can't get into that style of shooter, with 95% of its focus on how awesome everything looks and how sweet the circle-strafing is, but a completely neglected story. It's a pity that Flying Wild Hog has such amazing artists and game designers, but apparently not much in the way of writers.
Hell, I would settle for audio logs or even text logs, as long as they could make them as good as something like Metroid Prime.

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I still want it.  Play Deus Ex for the story and Hard Reset for the gunplay is my plan.

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8D hopefully they'll address the main issues before the game's released (and this is why demos are a good thing). The only thing that really bothered me was the blurry sprinting - I honestly can't stand motion blur :(

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The motion blur when sprinting was kinda off-putting, but I didn't feel like it got in the way because I when I was sprinting it was to get away from stuff, meaning I already had a clear route planned. The game is great, and if you can look passed the laughable story then you're going to have a great time getting your ass kicked.

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I reviewed Hard Reset yesterday for The Game Fanatics.. since it seems to be the only review online I figured I'd post it for those on the fence about preordering on Steam for the small discount.

Yeah I think your review is Spot on. I love it because it suits my personal filias, but I do think the game story could use a bit of work and It would be nice to have more variety on the enemy department. I stilI dare someone to find a game with this visual quality with an original tag of $30 dlls.

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The demo felt more like a tech demo then a game.

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