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  • Benchmark Mode - You can access the Benchmark mode in the 'Extras' menu.
  • Command line benchmark mode - Benchmark is also accessible from the Windows command line - in order to launch it enter hardreset.exe -benchmark.
  • Additional Mouse button bindings - You can bind the 4th and 5th mouse buttons.
  • All keys button bindings - you can now bind all the buttons on Numerical Keypad (except forn number 5).
  • Sprint (shortly) even while still recharging - Sprinting is now possible at any moment - you don't have to wait till the sprint bar fills up.
  • Sprint will now charge 20% faster than before.
  • Disable Weapon Cool-down period - Weapon cooldowns are disabled now. You can change weapon modes while the weapon is on cooldown.
  • Improved the time between switching between N.R.G. Weapon adn CLN Firearm.
  • Single Switch-Weapon Button - the F key will now switch between weapons.
  • Mid-game difficulty change - You are now able to switch difficulty midgame (the lowest difficulty ever chosen during the whole run determines the achievements unlocked)."
  • Disable sprint effects - You are now able to disable Motion Blur and Fov widening while in sprint. Tick the appropriate box in Game options menu.
  • In-game Score report - You are now able to check your Mission stats while in-game pressing the Tab key.
  • Disable logos - You are now able to disable starting logos in the Game options menu.
  • Small healthpacks now regenerate 20 HP instead of 30 HP.
  • Audio mode detection - The game will display the current system Audio Mode in Audio Options
  • Triple Buffering - Added in Video Options
  • MLAA antyaliasing was substituted with FXAA antyaliasing.
  • Various improvements with game geometry.
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Very nice fix list, some of them were absolutely critical, such as weapon/mode switching and sprint rebalancing. Now all I need is some more content :(

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I'm really glad they fixed weapon switching and removed the blur and it's good that you can officially skip the logos now. Maybe it's time for playthrough 4 now >_>

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