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We like being the first to tell you about a game. It’s rare, though, that we announce something that’s a mere two months away. Flying Wild Hog, a new studio, is releasing its debut game this September. It’s called Hard Reset, and it’s a PC-exclusive “dark sci-fi” FPS. Roughly, it’s Blade Runner, The Matrix, and Painkiller rolled into a single-player-only flour tortilla.

Like some kind of Polish, game-developing Voltron, Flying Wild Hog was formed from members of People Can Fly (Painkiller), CD Projekt RED (The Witcher 2), and City Interactive (Sniper: Ghost Warrior). Read on for more details, the first trailer, and first screenshots.

What’s the engine?

Proprietary, impressively enough. It’s called “Road Hog.” And because a built-from-scratch engine is a serious investment, we’ll probably see more games on it from the developer.

What’s the plot?

Hostile robot takeover. Only one human city remains–the bastion of Bezoar. It’s here that Major Fletcher, your character (the guy with the laser eye patch), takes to arms against the robot hordes.

When, and how much?

September 2011. Pricing isn’t announced, though we’d suspect it’ll fall somewhere between AAA releases like Battlefield 3 and lighter-weight “downloadable” FPSes. 

Do they have a website, Facebook, and Twitter thing I can click on?

Yup, yes, and indeed.

Found on PC Gamer.

So, what do you think? I, for one, am glad for such developers that dare and create something that isn't a poor imitation of something popular. The game looks pretty good as well. Much respect.
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Hm, well, I guess I'm tentatively interested. Seems strange that it's just being announced now though -  not that it's necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I wish more games were announced a couple of months before release. I'm looking at you Bioshock Infinite =(

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No publisher is a bit suspicious, but reviews will tell the truth. Scifi shooters seem to be in vogue.

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For some reason I'm getting a sort of Prey-ish vibe. 
Anyway, it definitely appeals to me that it's a single-player only FPS. I guess I'll wait for more info though; although, chances are that it will be something I'll pick up during a Steam sale.

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I don't get why no online. I mean they are making it look like Doom to me and... it well just screams awesome multiplayer! 

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Looks totally awesome. I'll pick this up on a Steam sale for sure.

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Kind of too little information at this point. Cyberpunk is cool and all, but what difference will it make in an FPS?

I'll keep an eye on it. But so far not seeing anything impressive besides a standard FPS.

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I just watched the trailer, it looks pretty and made me want to see more of it.

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