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It isn't called Easy Reset for a reason

Hard Reset harkens back to the shooters of old - color-coded pickups laying around, no reloads, loads of enemies running at you and a nonsensical, throwaway story.

Sky is the limit

Set in a future cyberpunk Earth that is basically Blade Runner, the game looks amazing. Often simply staring up will reward you with amazing scifi vistas. The game also uses lighting effects to great use while maintaining 60 fps.

Even on Normal difficulty, the game isn't easy. You will usually face waves of enemies, either in tight quarters or arena-like areas. There are basically 3 enemy types (with multiple variations each), and as you progress they are mixed and matched in greater number. Enemies will do a good job trying to get at you from multiple angles, making crowd control important. Since you upgrade your 2 basic weapons with new modes, making bad choices can increase the difficulty as you can't respec. The game has checkpoints only, and there are no save points between waves in a given arena, which can be frustrating. However, surviving an area with 13 health left did make me feel quite happy with myself.

I finished the game on Normal (with more deaths than I would like to admit) in roughly 6 and a half hours. More mission variety would have been nice, as would more focus on story. For under $30, its a pretty decent game, and the shooting is very satisfying and fun.


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