since fade is only his alias...

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he should be listed as "Harkin".

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@lolwot: Yeah I mentioned this in the "request an alias" thread, and I mentioned it when I added the summary in a note to the moderator.
The character name is Harkin. Real name is Harkin. Then the alias should be Fade.
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Not to mention that he was introduced as Harkin in ME1.  Only in ME2 is he called Fade.

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Seriously needs deleting.

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Renamed to Harkin, added Fade as an Alias, if there is more to his name than simply Harkin then let me know. I've not played the game, so can't say I personally know :)

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@Hamz: Still coming up only when I search for "Fade." Or do these things just take a minute?
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@FunExplosions:  It takes awhile I believe, either way provided the correct page appears when you type in Fade or Harkin, that is what counts :)
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@Hamz: Cool, cool. Oh, it works now.
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Why is Fade an alias?

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@natetodamax said:
" Why is Fade an alias? "
Because that's the alias he uses in Mass Effect 2.

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