Viacom Sells Harmonix To... Harmonix

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#51 Posted by HadesTimes (837 posts) -

Awesome news, glad to hear this wasn't was some terrible story like this kind of thing usually is.

#52 Posted by Sharpless (472 posts) -
@AuthenticM said:
" @Hailinel said:
" @AuthenticM said:
" I don't get the bossanova joke. "

I must be really dumb. I still don't get it. Thanks for replying though. "
They all have the word "nova" in them. It's a very loose thread, but it's amusing because it's such a loose thread. And, really, any excuse to post a clip from the old Turtles movies is worth it.
#53 Posted by BjornTheUnicorn (358 posts) -

I just got Rock Band 3 with the keyboard 2 days ago. I somehow feel like this good news is my doing.

#54 Posted by FuzzYLemoN (1600 posts) -

Harmonix bought by Harmonix... That's like dividing by zero.

#55 Posted by blaakmawf (543 posts) -

Long live Harmonix!

#56 Posted by NMC2008 (1237 posts) -

I wish them the best in this somewhat cruel business that is the game industry, ESPECIALLY if they are going to stay exclusively in the music genre space.

#57 Posted by carlthenimrod (1606 posts) -

Anybody but Activision. Thank God!

#58 Posted by Wrighteous86 (3825 posts) -

Great, now you guys will get even more of my money from DLC.  My non-existent kids are going hungry, dammit!

#59 Posted by FlipperDesert (2123 posts) -

It's a Christmas miriacle!

#60 Posted by DG991 (1340 posts) -


#61 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Who actually owns Rock Band? If it's Viacom, Harmonix is going to have to come up with something new again.

#62 Posted by skrutop (3615 posts) -

This is certainly news of some kind.

#63 Posted by Little_Socrates (5733 posts) -

Pretty much agree with everyone that this is a step in the right direction. The soundtrack is even likely to benefit with less pandering to what appears to be "popular" taste.

#64 Posted by robertp12 (13 posts) -

very cool even tho i dont know what this means :( :)

#65 Posted by Jackel2072 (2280 posts) -

im glad there was a happy ending here

#66 Posted by Kraeger (5 posts) -

It will be interesting to see what happens with Harmonix now.

#67 Posted by sociald1077 (263 posts) -
@LordAndrew said:
" Who actually owns Rock Band? If it's Viacom, Harmonix is going to have to come up with something new again. "
HMX owns RB. That was part of the original buyout.
#68 Posted by Lavapotamus (199 posts) -

What an odd conclusion, talk about coming around full circle...I'm glad that the Harmonix team seems to be happy with the resolution, though. I won't mind their return to smaller budget titles if that's where they're headed, but it seems like whatever they do, it won't solely rely on their existing franchises. As long as they keep trying new things, I'll be happy.

#69 Posted by Diachron (88 posts) -

Time for Frequency + Amplitude

#70 Posted by dakazu (8 posts) -

I hope they will still be able to make kick ass games without a big publisher backing them

#71 Posted by MormonWarrior (2714 posts) -

I love TMNT so freaking much. Bossanova. Chevy Nova? Ah...excellent!

#72 Posted by Kyle (2327 posts) -
@LordAndrew: It sounds like Harmonix still owns Rock Band. I would imagine they probably would made sure they got that from the beginning so they wouldn't see a repeat of the whole Guitar Hero / Activision thing. 
Then again, I don't really want Harmonix to do another Rock Band, so I'm good either way.
#73 Posted by UncleBenny (502 posts) -

I'm actually surprised that Microsoft didn't pick up Harmonix, considering that they may have the best chance of making the most innovative Kinnect games out there. Still, THREE CHEERS FOR BEING YOUR OWN DEVELOPER!

#74 Posted by cspiffo (869 posts) -

This is ultimately the only satisfying way it could go down.  At least the fan base wasn't alienated. 

#75 Posted by Swoxx (3013 posts) -

fucking A W E S O M E.  
I love you Harmonix <3

#76 Posted by mracoon (4990 posts) -

Good for Harmonix.

#77 Posted by ShakurNO (52 posts) -


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