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Best Harry Potter game I have played

Game-play When i bought this game i tought ``harry potter and the chambers of secret..... probably a crappy game `` Im not a huge fan of harry potter because i only watched one movie and i read half of the first movie book. I almost hated harry potter because i tought it was just boring. When i started playing this game i started to use spells and explore and i think thats very fun. When you advance in a game you get to the house point ceremony and who has the highest score can visit the beans room and you also learn new second year spells like riptusempra,scurge,flipendo,spongify all of those spells have a challenge that you need to find the completion stars and the small stars, those challenges can be boring but i tought it was competitive. Later on something funny happens at hogwarts harry hermione and ron finds blood writing on a wall they try to understand the story to the chambers of secrets. Harry goes by himself on the forbidden forest and he finds Aragog a giant spider who that harry needs to defeat. The Plot sounds weird to some people but i cared more about the gameplay.At the ending there`s the slytherin snake that you need to defeat with a flaming sword wich is really fun. You can buy collectable cards or find them all around hogwarts. I think the gameplay is really fun and enjoyable. You can challenge people at wizard duels or quidditch in wizard duels you use mimblewimble, rictusempra and different other spells to attack defend and use tactical strategies to defeat your oppenent. In quidditch you chase and catch the snitch to win the match.

Sound Overall the Sound is pretty good in the miniclips there voices sounds pretty realistic. And the music is good and puts action in the missions.

I think that you'll play more then maybe 10 hours trough this game because when you'll beat single player there's like nothing really interesting after that.

I reccomend this game for people that likes harry potter like big fans or people that dont like harry potter but they just like to play the game.

This game is a must buy action adventure game !!!!!

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