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Everything went better than expected

This is a small disclaimer

First of all, I'm a Harry Potter fan. So maybe my opinion is slightly biased. But on the other hand... I was one of the first to admit that Part 1 was a turd of gigantic proportions, so I'm not completely blind for the crappy quality of the games. 
I at least tried to review this one fairly. 
Unfortunately I've never written a proper review before, so I'm sorry if it's too short, or all over the place. Or maybe even too long?

What kind of game is this?

 What a convenient placed wall!
If you're hoping this game goes back to the open world style of the earlier games.. .Well... you'll be disappointed. This is, like Part 1, a Third Person Shooter. Lots of chest high walls and blind fire. 
Doesn't need to be a bad thing though! Although it was in the first game! ;)

The importance of relevance

Well. Part 1 controlled ok, it didn't look afwul, there was a nice variety of spells, I got to shoot Umbridge. Looking back at it it doesn't seem that  bad. Until I think some more and remember the biggest downfall for the game (besides the stealth sections): It had almost nothing to do with the book/movie.
The key moments were there, sure, but the most of it was awful, awful filler. Boring forests, boring ruins, boring missions etc. And suddenly the controls didn't seem just ok, they were afwul. Suddenly there wasn't a nice variety of spells, they were dumb and you only really needed one spell. And what did they do with the faces of..everyone?!
What I'm trying to say is that for a game like this it is very important that it feels like it's source material and stays true to it. Part 1 didn't do that and thát was it's biggest fault. 

Only 6 months to improve. Did they succeed?

Are you asking me? Then the answer is yes. Absolutely. This time it followed and felt like the book/movie (haven't seen it yet though). The game feels so much better when you are visiting familiar places and are doing stuff that's actually part of the original story.
I'll touch on the most important subjects and give my opinion about it:


I feel like it has been tightened since Part 1. It controls just fine and if you hate the game, this isn't the reason why. Very responsive.


Looks fine. Nothing really bad about it. Just the faces...They look like their real life counterparts, but it's like they had a car accident or something. There is just something wrong with the faces. So maybe it isn't bad on the technical side, it's bad on the artistic side. 


The music has it's moments, but most of the time it never really stands out. The voice acting is decent when you consider most of it is done by sound-a-likes. Although it sometimes sounds like they are trying a bit too hard.


Ah, the big thing...Well, for most people anyway. It's a bit repetitive, but functional. Most of the time you're fighting Death Eaters and Snatchers with sometimes a boss battle thrown in.
When you're not fighting, you're running from stuff. Chairs, fire, water etc. Scary stuff. Cinematic moments.  
No puzzles unfortunately. But this game wasn't right for it I guess. Climactic ending and all that jazz.

Eff you Giant, McGonnagal will beat your ass!
But what keeps this game fresh is the fact that you'll get to play with a total of 8 characters. No, they don't have radically different gameplay, but just the fact that you're playing with mother effing McGonnagal is enough to give the game a jump in it's fun factor.
There are a total of 8 spells and 2 abilities which they throw at you right until the end of the game. Another method of keeping it kind of fresh. It's only too bad they give you the apparate ability so late. It's pretty fun to use. But I guess I can use it some more when I start my Expert playthrough. Yes, this game has New Game+ !  
One thing I noticed while playing is that the levels somehow felt more open than Part 1. It isn't, but it feels like I wasn't beeing pushed down a corridor as much.


The game is very, very short. But there are challenges to unlock, and after finishing the game you'll unlock the Expert difficulty. So... If you happen to like the game there's at least reason to keep playing.
There are also collectibles which will get you the character models of the main characters to marvel at  (or laugh at) and some music tracks for your listening pleasure. 


It's a competent game that excels at nothing, but isn't outrageously bad at anything either. It is saved by it's license.
 Give it a try if you like shooters and Harry Potter!
Posted by Omali

Another one of those games I'll buy when it's lower in price. Say, $20 preowned at Gamestop.

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