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Haruo Weyland is a first-year student attending Karukozaka High School in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 - Innocent Sin. His name and blonde, blue-eyed appearance come from the fact that he is half-caucasian. Also, despite being only a first-year student, he has a mature appearance, and is a talented and popular singer. Weyland regularly holds practice in the Karukozaka High gym, where students gather to watch him perform.

However, Weyland is also a demon summoner, using his electric guitar like a COMP, the demons he summons steal the Personae of the students that watch him perform, making them listless and prone to violence. When Tatsuya and his friends defeat a demon that steals one such student's Persona in the gym, Weyland retaliates by using his summoning powers to warp space in the school, filling it with demons that stand in the party's way. When cornered, Weyland confesses that as he lost the ability to create new songs, he used demons to steal the Personae of his fellow students so that he could study and understand them, allowing him to write songs that could effectively target the hearts of his audience.

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