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Yet another Harvest Moon game for the Nintendo DS. Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar takes place in a place called "Breeze Town" and you get to choose your gender at the beginning or the game. Every week the town has a bazaar where the townsfolk sell their items and you can sell your own items as well. The town has three different windmills that produce different items when ingredients are placed inside. How fast these items are made depends on how windy it is outside; a hurricane would make things go by quickly, while a mellow day wouldn't do much good at all. The game will feature wifi connectivity for you and up to 3 other players to do what you want, from selling items at the bazaar to just hanging out and doing a little farm work.


  • Felix: The Mayor of "Breeze Town".
  • Shelfa: The mayor's daughter.
  • Stewart: He runs the local hotel.
  • Sania: Stewart's wife.
  • Anemone: A maid at the hotel.
  • Mucha
  • Yuris
  • Deluka
  • Royd
  • Freya

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