Harvest Moon or Rune Factory recommendation

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So I've been looking into getting one of the games in this series for awhile now but never pulled the trigger and now I realize there are a ton of these games. So any fans out there want to give me a recommendation on which game I should try? I've never played any of them but I'm looking for one of them either on the DS or Wii and I'm lost as to where to start.

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Is Harvest Moon 64 available on the WiiShop or whatever it's called? I've never played any of the DS/Wii games, but 64 and Back to Nature (Playstation game) are by faaaaaaaaaaar my favorites.

Honestly, in my experience, not every game in the series is a homerun, but unless it's one of those party games or minigame collections or something like that, then you can't go horribly wrong.

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I played a lot of the super nintendo one, and own two of the DS games. They have gotten more and more complicated as time went on. I will say that the later ones on the DS got beter control schemes, some of the earlier ones forced you to control your character with the stylus. But honestly it all depends on the story you want.

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I'd be surprised if you find someone on here who actually has the proper right to give you a recommendation, since I think most people are the same as I in that one or two was enough... I can tell you my favourites are Rune Factory 2 and Harvest Moon 64, but that probably has more to do with the fact that it was the first game I played in each series then it does with their relative quality to the others. I've tried to get into the later ones but they just seem so similar on a surface level.

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As the Harvest Moons go, for DS I think the general consensus is that each game got better. I haven't tried it myself, but that would be Twin Villages.

Pretty much any Rune Factory on the DS I can recommend most heartily. Rune Factory Frontier for the Wii is also great, though there's a "runey" system in it that pops up later on which makes the game a total headache if you don't want your crop production to go to crap. Otherwise, I love everything about that game.

As for plain ol' Harvest Moon on the Wii, Tree of Tranquility is pretty solid. Though I hear Animal Parade is basically the same game but with more stuff in it.

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If your limiting yourself to Wii and DS, I think any of the Runefactory games on the DS would be your best bet.

Wii versions of Harvest Moon have all been garbage in my opinion, haven't tried the DS ones though.

I think you'll find most people will say Harvest Moon: Back to Nature for the Playstation, Harvest Moon 64 for the Nintendo 64, and Harvest Moon for the SNES are the versions of that game worth playing.

The SNES one is on virtual console and I think well worth a look.

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Alright I think I'm going to get one of the Rune Factory games for the DS and then get Back to Nature on PSN. Now to figure out which Rune Factory game to get.

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