Has Farmville ruined Harvest Moon for anyone?

#1 Posted by recharge330 (86 posts) -

I've watched enough Betting the Farmville to know that it's just a warped Harvest Moon meant to take money from people who don't know any better. HM seems more enjoyable for the kind of people who play Farmville but now I feel like I've seen its dark side and would constantly be looking at it from that point of view. I'm going to try replaying the GBA version to see if I can still have fun with it and I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar feelings.

#2 Posted by damswedon (3222 posts) -

No but it has kinda killed my want for a Harvest Moon MMO.

#3 Posted by DeeGee (2175 posts) -

No, that's ridiuculous.

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