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97671 Hailinel Game Overview Updated some info related to the western Vita release. 04/01/14 05:24PM 1 Approved
97651 Jagged85 Game Overview 04/01/14 04:16PM 37 Approved
92082 L1GHTN1N Game Releases Image and info taken from the PSN page. Allows editing and sharing music videos which is why I marked asynch multi, not sure if that counts? 03/08/14 09:36AM 8 Approved
88599 BlackLagoon New Release 02/15/14 04:39AM 7 Approved
88498 Aero New Release 02/14/14 04:58PM 7 Approved
87196 Hailinel Game Overview Updated the article. 02/05/14 06:29PM 6 Approved
84419 Hailinel Game Overview Tweaked some phrasing. 01/26/14 10:30AM 10 Approved
62080 Hailinel Game Overview Added some more detail on Edit Mode. 10/10/13 09:00PM 25 Approved
60749 Hailinel Game Overview Added notes on Studio and Photo Mode. 10/03/13 10:45PM 74 Approved
56877 vanon3 Dlc Overview 09/12/13 08:49PM 7 Approved
56867 Hailinel Game Overview Fixed a typo and added some more detail. 09/12/13 07:23PM 3 Approved
56795 Hailinel Game Overview Corrected a song title. 09/12/13 11:40AM 1 Approved
55752 Hailinel Game Overview Edited the deck. 09/07/13 12:50PM 5 Approved
54894 Hailinel Game Overview Added a note on Eva's Polkka. 09/04/13 11:42PM 1 Approved
54889 Hailinel Game Overview Corrected a song title (missing "The"). 09/04/13 11:14PM 1 Approved
54888 Hailinel Game Overview Corrected localized song titles and added missing tracks to the list. 09/04/13 11:12PM 3 Approved
54461 Aero Game Releases 09/04/13 03:27AM 16 Approved
54000 Aero Game Releases Updated release date on UK PSN release. 09/02/13 07:24PM 17 Approved
53640 Hailinel Game Overview Added some detail on customization. 08/31/13 11:38PM 22 Approved
53501 Hailinel Game Overview Corrected spelling of a song title. 08/30/13 08:17PM 1 Approved
53452 BlackLagoon Game Releases 08/30/13 04:03PM 15 Approved
53127 Hailinel Game Overview Cleaned up Gameplay section to be less subjective and more accurate. 08/28/13 08:50PM 3 Approved
45912 VincentVendetta Game Releases Added US PS3 release date 07/29/13 10:17PM 15 Approved
37274 Aero Game Overview Added Playstation Network (PS3) to platform list. 06/19/13 05:59PM 2 Approved
35769 Aero New Release 06/12/13 10:08AM 4 Approved
35082 shishkebab09 New Release 06/09/13 07:13PM 4 Approved
35080 shishkebab09 New Release 06/09/13 07:11PM 4 Approved
35078 shishkebab09 Game Overview Edited header to reflect upcoming NA release 06/09/13 07:06PM 5 Approved
11554 troticielo Game Releases more minute fixes noticed in short sucessionnnnn 03/06/13 07:49PM 1 Approved
11552 troticielo Game Releases 03/06/13 07:48PM 1 Approved
11551 troticielo Game Releases 03/06/13 07:47PM 2 Approved
11550 troticielo Game Releases 03/06/13 07:36PM 41 Approved
6161 BlackLagoon Game Overview 02/20/13 05:57AM 15 Approved

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